About Us

eGlobal HR Solutions is a holistic and complete global Human Resources Solution Provider. Hardcore HR professionals with several years of experience in staffing solutions at all levels, are the pillars of this organization. At eGlobal HR Solutions, Talent Hiring is purely based on merit and the focus is on putting the right man in the right place and in the right job. The whole idea is to provide world-class HR solutions in keeping with the requirements of the corporate world. This means understanding the HR policies of the clients, which means keeping an eye on Corporate Policies and Visions, so that the best-fit candidates are sought out for the desired profiles.

In pursuance, eGlobal HR Solutions works in synergy with the clients to generate top quality performers and garner leadership capital. Methods and models used are customised for every client. We do head hunting apart from the modern day working methods of job portals and social networking. Our candidate database is huge and we ensure that job opportunities in India & Overseas include permanent positions and temporary-contract positions. We are not limited to certain industries, but diversified industries.

Our Team

Our team of multidisciplinary Consultants, with expertise across functional areas, set the process of scrutinisation in motion, in no time. We ensure superior quality and efficiency in the search process, facilitating the process of recruiting the best manpower matching with your organizational culture.